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The Zagato Reveals Maserati GS

We have not heard about the Zagato for a very long time and it made me think why did they have to be silent for those times? Maybe they are developing a new model or maybe they just don’t want that publicity that some car makers are having. Anyway, so much about that.

But I have heard recently that Zagato is doing a Maserati car. Well, the long awaited car beauty contest will soon be opening its doors for all interested public viewers. On the 20th day of April, the Concours d’Elegance Villa d’Este will start to show off the different styles and designs of Italian cars including Zagato’s Maserati GS.

Milanese customizer has revealed that the new GS hatchback is a two-seater vehicle that is 7.1 inches smaller than its identical brother Spyder. However, it provides a better handling not to mention its stability on its curves talking about its more than the usual rigidity. Its exterior car parts are composed of aluminum body works plus all that gorgeous logos all over it. The hood is added with a trident logo and the letter Z for Zagato on its wing.

Paolo Boffi is an Italian entrepreneur and he was the one designed the new Maserati GS as according to Zagato. The company also added that “that evoked the historical Maserati A6 G Zagato of 1954” upon looking at the vehicle.

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