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Budget-Friendly Gas? You Must Be Kidding Me…

I thought it was a joke until I read about it on an online news magazine. The Energy Information Administration actually said that the price of petroleum gases nationwide will be 11% less than the gas prices last year. They also added that about $2.87 will be deducted in May compared to $2.98 in last year’s July.

And this summer, the gas price is expected to be deducted with $0.3 amounting to $2.81. Now that amount is surely lower over last years $2.84. That is about 7% even higher than the present price of unleaded which was noted to rise for 10 weeks.

We don’t really have to celebrate because there absolutely no reason to celebrate, right? However, according to CNN Money, at least we are not spending much on gasoline than we ever had in 1980’s if you can recall the post-oil-embargo highs, right?

Not that good news at all. But at least, we got to experience a little price decrease right? That I guess enough for now and lets just look forward if it will continue to decline.

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