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Village Technology’s SMRrTRAM Design Obtains U.S. Patent

The famed Village technology has been awarded a U.S patent (7,062,879) with a Canadian patent pending for its innovative SMRrTRAM People-Mover technique that transforms cheap, zero-emission electric buses into high-comfort and convenient people-movers for traffic and pedestrian congested cities.

John Alt along with two partners is pleased with the people-moving solution that will guide in endless traffic and commuting problems on highways and streets. They are delighted to have the U.S. patent in hand and are now awaiting the Canadian patent.

Village Technology is an urban-solution think-tank that’s headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland. The people-mover method uses computer reason that corresponds to the movements of oppositely moving electric tram-buses in a single guidelane. The synchronization method provides pedestrians and commuters the chance to board a tram-bus that goes in either direction every 150 seconds from each stop.

The Village Technology group has been producing and studying the SMRrTRAM method and its applications for several years. The search of development and financing partners is on for the group to build a demonstration SMRrTRAM project and make the system available to cities and urban areas as soon as possible.

The single SMRrTRAM guidelane can be inserted into virtually any existing streetscape without getting rid of traffic lanes. The utilization of simple, battery-electric tram-buses makes the SMRrTRAM an affordable choice to costly fixed-rail or elevated guideway systems.

The method also aims for the reduction of CO2 emissions while creating sustainable vehicle emission parts and urban living satisfaction. Take in mind that a couple of these people-movers could substitute for thousands of parking search car movements each day.

“We believe SMRrTRAM offers a breakthrough opportunity for congested urban business and shopping corridors,” said Village Technology president and founder, John Alt. “It offers, for the first time, a highly convenient, yet practical means for pedestrians to move conveniently back and forth through congested urban areas, for connecting intercept parking facilities with downtown cores, or for extending pedestrian access to and from major event sites, like convention centers. And it’s a solution cities can easily afford to build.”

For more SMRrTRAM People-Mover Architecture doses, log onto: villagetechnology.com.

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