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A1 Hatchback To Be Available in US Car Market

Remember a few days ago? When the new A1 that was about to be revealed on April on the Shanghai Auto Show? It looks like the car makers are pulling back their statement that the previously known Chery QQ will not be available on the US market.

It will be the first car ever exported by the China’s Chery Automobile Company to the U.S. which will be sold under the DaimlerChrysler AG brand after they agreed to form a partnership in December.

“Chery’s compact cars will be cost competitive in the U.S. market. DaimlerChrysler can have any model they think is suitable for sale in U.S. and other markets,” the Chery spokesman Wang Wei from Anhui province said today after making a release that the A1 will not be available on western Europe as well as in North American car market few days ago.

The domestic car maker is looking forward on making fuel-efficient vehicles to boost its US sales decline and it has also agreed to buy mini cars from Chery this coming December. Chrysler is deepening its ties with the China car brand.

“Chrysler is trying to improve its product lineup with Chery small cars. But it will take a long time to see gains from this sector as small cars aren’t very popular with Americans,” an analyst at the CSM Asia Huang Zherui said.

The Chery A1 will be sent to showrooms this April in China. The auto body parts of the new car includes a powertrain part 1.3-liter A1 and this is similar to Chery’s QQ – a subcompact model that costs as little as $3,800 in China. Chery was able to sell 20,600 QQs in the first two months of the year making it the eighth most popular passenger car in China.

Trevor Hale, a Beijing-based spokesman of DaimlerChrysler, said, “We are moving forward in cooperation with Chery. It’s too early to name which model we’ll export.”

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