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Kia Drops Lid Concept At Geneva

Kia Ex Cee’d concept vehicle

Kia will be reproducing the Cee’d hatchback this year. And guess what? It will be coming out in showrooms of the highly anticipated Geneva Auto Show coming this March. The event would be the first time that the Kia Cee’d would be making its way to the auto public. The new vehicle will be the first Kia car to be designed by Peter Schreyer, the design boss who recently defected from Volkswagen.

The Ex Cee’d concept will be the replacement to its previous model as it will be ending its production later this year. The New Cee’d was first launched in Europe and it will be coming out having five doors and is now going to be considered a wagon. It will be expected to be available in the summer. The Cabrio will arrive in 2008.

Volkswagen designer Schreyer wanted the car to have its very unique features which is why he opted for a canvas hood rather than a folding metal hardtop because according to him, “I’m convinced the fabric roof will have a renaissance. We’ve all lived with the romantic idea of open-air driving for a long time and for me, it’s the quintessential element of a truly rewarding cabrio.” Exclusive Kia parts will be seen on the new concept as well.

The exterior body parts of the vehicle is coming painted with meringue white plus with a ‘bitter chocolate’ top. The two colors are repeatedly used in the leather interior. It will be running on 19-inch alloy wheels.

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