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Tesla Opens New Facility, Plans for a Four-Door Sedan in 2009

Tesla Motors is expanding its worldwide facility with the opening of a new technical center in Rochester Hills, Michigan. This is the second technical center located in the United States, joining the company’s headquarters located in San Carlos, California.
Tesla Motors, the leading manufacturer of high-performance electric vehicles based in Silicon Valley said the Michigan Technical Center in Rochester Hills will be the home of research and development of future Tesla models. The company said they are adding up a new item on their product lineup by beginning their newest project called “WhiteStar”, a new four door, five-passenger high-performance electric sedan that is scheduled for production by 2009.

“This tech center will be home to the engineering, quality and supply chain staff working on WhiteStar and other Tesla cars coming down the line. With our state-of-the-art CAD and CAE design and simulation tools, this center will enable us to bring high-quality products to market quicker than traditional manufacturers.” said John Thomas, General Manager of the Michigan Technical Center and Senior Director of the WhiteStar program.

“There are thousands of highly experienced automotive experts in this area. We felt it was smart to use the existing test tracks, validation equipment, wind tunnels and more, rather than duplicating these costly investments.” he added.

Tesla Motors said they had decided to put a new technical center in Rochester Hills, Michigan because the region is the home of several giant automakers and other automotive companies. Tesla Motors’ worldwide facilities also includes assembly plant for the Tesla Roadster located in England and motor manufacturing plant in Taiwan.

Martin Eberhard, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Tesla Motors commented:
“We’ve put together a great team at Tesla Motors. Growing Tesla Motors and creating higher-volume models requires more talented automotive engineers with experience in developing, manufacturing and assembling high-volume cars. We can hire the best, most experienced automotive talent here in Michigan.”

For auto enthusiasts, watch out for the new Tesla four-door high-performance electric sedan in 2009 and see what it has to offer. Now if you are looking for quality auto parts for replacement like Plymouth Parts, just go to your trusted auto parts store online.

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