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Editor’s Pick for 2006 from TheAutoChannel.com

Mark Fulmer, Editor-in-Chief of TheAutoChannel.com, one of the leading source of automotive news and information has released his best picks for the year 2006. Check it out and read what he has to say. You can also check out Auto Parts Corner to look for quality auto parts like bumper or spoiler.

Mini Cooper S.
Mini Cooper S
Give me the Pacific Coast Highway on a deserted weekday early morning and put me in the Mini with paddle-shifters on the wheel. It will take a while to get that grin off my face. Earlier this year, I was doing just that when lo and behold who should appear over the crest of an upcoming hill than another Mini. It’s driver was so obviously pleased to see another fully aroused Mini-ist that he stuck BOTH hands up through the sunroof and started waving. It is indeed possible to both laugh and pray at the same time.

Toyota Camry Hybrid
When you test the car that is the current American best-seller, you tend to look for flaws. I looked at highway cruising speeds while making 50 miles to the gallon. I looked at a stoplight while using no fuel and creating no air & noise pollution. I looked on the steep inclines of the Pacheco Pass highway while using the passing lane. Then I stopped looking and just enjoyed this year’s most impressive sedan.

Volvo C70
This is superior performance wrapped around spectacular comfort. Then add the delightful duality of hush-hush sweet quiet of a hard top transformed into rush-rush excitment of topless flight. Awesome. But if it’s price is out of your range, be sure to test drive the new VW Eos – another winner.

Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

2006 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500
Pure testosterone. 500-horsepower. 0 to 60 in 4.5. Improved handling. But it makes my list because of the legendary engine sound.

Nissan Quest/ Honda Odyssey
These two excellent minivans will delight drivers of either of the two classic Left/Right Brain intellectual camps. The Quest will satisfy the folks on the right with its comfort, curves, sensory refinement. The logic and practicality of the Odyssey with its vertical lines and no nonsense engineering is a great fit for the Lefties.

Honda Ridgeway
A whole new species of pickup truck. 5 star crash ratings. Fully work capable with “In-Bed Trunk” and dual rear gate, and at the same time a silky sedan driving experience. The rear bench seat is spacious and actually comfortable.


2006 Tesla
Even though I haven’t been behind the wheel yet, this sleek dream car with its 248-hp electric motor leaves its fossil-fueled, torque curved limited cousins planning their retirement. Couldn’t happen too soon.

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