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Crossover Vehicles, the Most Researched Vehicles in NADAguides.com

People nowadays are now interested in purchasing crossover vehicles (CUVs), according to NADAguides.com, one of the leading online sources of automotive information.

The website analyst of NADAguides.com said that they got record-breaking CUV pricing reports in the month of August. The company also said the pricing specifications and other information on newly released crossover vehicles are the most researched information segment on their website. Consumers got interest in crossovers vehicles because of its features that combines the capability of SUVs and the fuel economy, performance, and handling of cars.

2006 Toyota RAV4
NADAguides.com also provides the top 6 list of the most researched crossover vehicles on their website beginning January 1, 2006 and up to August 31, 2006. Check them out!

1. Toyota RAV4
2. Ford Escape
3. Toyota Highlander
4. Saturn VUE
5. Nissan Murano
6. Dodge Caliber (Most requested Crossover information in August 2006)

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