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Car Trouble Shooting Tips

A great number of car problems often does not require for major repairs but only minor maintenance which you can do yourself. Here are some tips on how to trouble shoot some of the most common problems you can find in your car:

1. Battery– batteries often fail due to loose terminal connections and corrosion. Clean the terminals of your batteries and then afterwards tests them before finally deciding in buying a new one.

2. Alternator– often it is loose wiring that makes your alternator to fail. Check the wirings of your alternator and perform an output test to see if it needs to be replaced or not.

3. Muffler– muffler problem is usually indicated by loud rumbling sound under the car and usually when this happens you have to replace your muffler or exhaust pipe.

4. Starter– there are instances wherein what you think as a defective starter is simply just a matter of poor connection or dead battery. Check all the wirings as well as your battery before deciding on purchasing new starters.

5. Tune-up– when your tune-up your car you have to replace some parts like for instance belts, hoses, spark plugs and filters. You can follow your owner’s manual on how to properly tune-up your car.

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