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Know Your Car’s Alternator

Your car’s alternator is one of the important parts of the engine since it enables the reproduction of power. How? The battery supplies the engine with the initial boost to make it start. From there the alternator takes over and replaces the power used in the battery that was consumed in starting the engine.

When to Change Your Car’s Alternator

One of the signs that you need to change your alternator is when your battery easily drains. In the US, alternators are not subject for repairs but are replaced with rebuilt alternators.

Replacing your alternator is not really a difficult task all you need is to follow a set of instructions and a socket wrench. The cost of alternators depends on the model of your car but usually foreign made model cars have more expensive alternators compared to American made vehicles.

Things to Check before Changing Your Car’s Alternator

1. Check your car’s fuses. See if there are blown fuses
2. Check the battery to see if it is not damaged
3. Check the belt around the alternator
4. Check the wires between the battery and the alternator. See if they are properly matched and connected.

After you are through checking the above list and found out that nothing is wrong with them then that’s the time that you should change your alternator. Because it means that your car’s alternator is truly the problem.

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