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Tail Lights can Save Lives

Tail Lights
Owning a car entails responsibility not only to your self but more so to others. I really don’t know if other drivers are aware of this. Because just last night I nearly met an accident because the truck that was ahead of me didn’t have tail lights. It’s just my luck that I stepped on the brake on time or I will not be here writing this blog.

I was planning to write a different topic today but my traumatic experience last night urged me to write about tail lights. I want to let all drivers know just how important tail lights are, since it seems that there are a few who are not aware of the danger of not having them on their vehicles.

Tail lights are not for decoration. I know, absurd as it sounds but who knows maybe that’s the reason why some drivers don’t have them on their vehicles because they think that they can simply do without it. Well, then I have news for you—Tail lights are used to warn other drivers especially at night to keep a safe distance because they are following another vehicle.

If you don’t have tail lights then you are putting yourself at risk and so with the other drivers. The only problem is that it is often the car that crashes from behind that gets the worst damage. So please purchase tail lights and for those that have them already check them because they can also get busted at times.

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