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Lotus offers fragrance for men

Lotus offers fragrance for menHow would you like to smell as if you were driving a Lotus instead of your trusty Honda Civic?

Maybe you’d like a spray of the new Lotus fragrance for men – launched in New York last week with the aid of Playboy Playmate Joanna Krupa. The fragrance, which is targeted at men ages 20 to 45, goes on sale for $42 a bottle in the United States in September, joining the ranks of such auto-inspired scents as Hummer cologne. And wait, there’s also the Lotus shower gel and deodorant to look forward to, which will also go on the market, at $14 each. No final decisions have been made about stores where the fragrance will be available.

Just in case you’d want a preview of what the Lotus fragrance feels like, here’s Michael Albert, its developer, for you: “…it gives you a feeling of driving through the Mediterranean in an Elise — the open top of the car, the smell of the fresh flowers and the water.” Whoa. How do you like that?

Not too bad? But before you spray on that Lotus fragrance make sure that your Honda is in good running condition. Would be a shame if you smelled as good as if you’re driving a Lotus but your car is sputtering like a dying man on the highway. Visit trusted auto parts like Auto Parts Corner should you need top of the line wheel covers, speed sensors or engine parts.

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