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One “Hybrid” team-up: GM, BMW and DCX

What does competition do sometimes?

It creates unexpected alliances.

An unprecedented alliance of three famous automakers — GM, BMW and DCX — will bring a new breed of hybrid vehicles to your doorstep within the next year.

Inside Line reports that General Motors and partners BMW and DaimlerChrysler have recently unveiled a state-of-the-art full hybrid system that integrates electric motors with a fixed-gear transmission.

According to the partners, the two-mode system, which employs low- and high-speed electric continuously variable transmission (ECVT) modes, should be ready for production in 2007.

The system features four fixed gear ratios in addition to the two ECVT modes, and it can use electric motors during all modes for boosting power and regenerative braking. The partners say the new technology provides superior fuel economy, performance and towing capability.

The three partners will also be able to mate the new hybrid system to a wide variety of engines with few alterations to each one’s powertrain portfolio because it imposes no significant limitation on the size or type of engine. That means the hybrid technology also can be used across a broader range of vehicles, including passenger cars and light trucks. Initially, it will be employed in rear- and four-wheel-drive applications, but the partners say they are working on future front-wheel-drive applications as well.

With competition continuing to heat up, we can only expect for more alliances like this. And while waiting for this new hybrid system to be used in GM, BMW and DCX cars, find quality Toyota Prius hybrid, Honda Accord Hybrid and Ford Escape auto parts like catalytic converters, radiators, and engine parts from trusted auto parts stores like Auto Parts Corner.

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