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Servicing your car

Today’s new vehicles are considerably more dependable than ever before. Before, spark plugs used to be a 10,000 mile item, these days they are a 100,000 mile item. Modern cars are also now more efficient; and cleaner than before. No wonder many among us often feel a certain sense of indestructibility, a false sense of security – as if cars now are maintenance free. If so, it’s a dangerous way to think. The best way to destruct an indestructible car is by ignoring the simple things, such as oil changes. Oil changes are essential. Every 3750 miles, it’s time for an oil change. It may not look like your oil needs to be changed, but there’s a build up in the oil of acids, formed when the car is started and driven hard. Your oil may look okay but it would still be the time to change it.

Here are recommended tips that motorists should follow when it comes to car service:

  • Dealerships offer new car owner clinics – sponsored by the service centers. Take one when you purchase a new vehicle.
  • Read and understand the service part of your owner’s manual.
  • Always keep to a repetitive schedule.
  • Build a relationship with the dealership or shop, and start when you make the appointment — make time to speak with the service advisor.
  • Pick up your car from your service advisor – not the cashier.
  • Don’t hesitate to question the Service Advisor.
  • Know what’s supposed to take place – question any variation.
  • If you get your oil changed at an oil change shop, don’t expect them to check your brakes.
  • Listen for rattles, squeaks, and let your technician know about it. Be prepared to show the condition, and document intermittent problems.
  • Remember that the people who work on cars are skilled technicians – not “mechanics”. They are required to serve a four-year apprenticeship, during which time they have to gain a four-year degree. Today’s auto technician uses sophisticated diagnostic equipment in tough outdoor conditions, works on his feet all day in a hazardous environment – and must be versatile enough to do everything from complex repair to tire changes.

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