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Crappy Replacement Parts by GM

Replacing the door hinge pins.

GM OEM Hinge

1. Grind off the bottoms of the pins.

2. Use the hinge pin removal tool to press the pin ou tof hte bracket. Do not pound the pins out like the manufacturer instructs you to do. It will bend the brackets and they will no longer rotate on a true axis. The bushings, pins and brackets will wear out in a short time and the complete bracket will need to be replaced. The cost and labor can come out to be about $800 (8 hours of labor and $130 for the replacement kit).

3. Remove the bottom pin first for easier access to the upper pin.

A lot of complaints have been received about the only pin replacement kit that was on the market. The pins snapped when tightening the nuts drawing the pin into the original factory bracket.

The brackets are made of 1018 steel that is rated at 58,000 psi. The replacement pin is made of 12L 14 screw stock, which is rated at 57,000 psi. The pin is suppose to cut groves into the bracket to resit properly. So, how is the pin that is softer suppose to be able to cut into the harder bracket?

Another problem is that the pins and nuts even though zinc plated, will in a short time wear off and rust. The pins also have rough machining groves that will wear out the bushings a lot sooner.

GM has put out a bulletin about these very replacement kits being available to the repair shops. Makes me wonder if they cared to test them before endorsing this stuff.

Total Automotive Pin Replacement KitTotal Automotive, an OEM Parts Specialist has performed testing on these replacement kits and has designed a better replacement kit, that will last a lot longer. These pins are made of stainless steel and rated at 90,000 psi. CNC machined smooth to rotate without drag. The kits come with a 12 month or 12,000 mile parts and labor warranty providing the pins were correctly removed using the Total Automotive pin removal tool.

For the repair shops that have the original replacement kits in stock, Total Automotive has established a product buy back program that will let you trade in the original kits in for credit.

Total Automotive has put together an extensive presentation about this on their website. You can also contact the by phone at 1-800-450-750.

Total Automotive

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