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Altezza Lights Myth

Dodge RamAltezza euro taillights are rear brake/taillights that have a clear lens over top of red or amber lamps. Their sleek design gives vehicles a sporty and modern look and can be easily installed to replace your factory taillights. This unique style was first introduced by Toyota in Europe on its Alteeza model sedan. Due to their popularity they are now usually referred to as European Altezza, Euro taillights or simply Euro tails.

The Altezza was marketed in North America as the Lexus IS300, but the Altezza name stuck, once the brake light design was adapted to other vehicles. Since then, many companies have begun manufacturing aftermarket taillights for trucks, cars, vans and SUVs, making euro tails a must have when customizing your vehicle.

Some people still confuse altezza euro taillights with “completely clear taillights” (no red at all). In fact, completely clear taillights are illegal in most places and no longer available to the public. Most of euro tails now are manufactured to be D.O.T and SAE compliant.

Many taillights are available in 4 styles which are: Crystal Clear, Carbon Fiber, Bermuda Black and Platinum Smoke. The color refers only to the housing of the taillights, because the lenses are almost always clear. Choose the crystal clear style lights for light colored vehicles (especially white), bermuda black or carbon fiber for dark colored vehicles and platinum smoke for grey or silver vehicles. Of course it’s all up to your own personal style!

Altezza LightsEuro Taillights are one of the easiest aftermarket accessories to install!

TYC, APC and In.Pro Car Wear are currently, the main manufacturer’s of altezza euro taillights. Tons of makes and models are now available (Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Jeep etc.) for most years, new and old. Whether your vehicle is an older model 1973 or a brand new 2005, chances are altezza style euro tail lights are an accessory option for you. It’s hard to imagine a “tricked” out ride without them.

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