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More Nissan Nightmares

A couple postings back I wrote about my Nissan Altima. I was frustrated with it, because of the airbags issue and the door handle removal procedure.

I don’t think I mentioned the door handle. To remove the door handle from the front doors, the inner door panel has to be removed, which is normal. But there is no access to the two handle screws. All you see is a big sheet metal panel that covers all the inner mechanics of the door. Once you loosen the panel, you find out that you can’t remove it. The window motor and all the power windows system is attached to this panel. You loosen all the “guts” from this panel, then you can easily remove the panel. Now you have all these “guts” hanging everywhere out of this door. It is easy to remove the handle at this point.

I don’t think I am the only one that finds this procedure a little uncomfortable.

I am starting to think that when they design cars they actually try to make it complicated to change parts so you would take the car in to the repair shop. So they then can charge a bunch of money because it is a complicated procedure.

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