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GM: back to the past?

CNN/Money reports: Chevrolet of tomorrow: Back to the ‘50s, GM’s mass-market brand wants to turn back the clock to the days when exciting design sold cars.

Here are excerpts of the article:

“Today’s Chevrolets, even executives at General Motors will admit, do not inspire pounding hearts and raw desire. The brand’s most successful products, its SUVs and trucks, dazzle only through sheer size. Even otherwise good cars, like the Impala sedan, have the visual excitement of a decent sport coat.”

“Now GM is looking back to the 1950s for inspiration as it tries to recover from declining market share and a seemingly unbreakable reliance on cash incentives to sell cars.”

“While no images of the vehicles have been publicly released yet, a look ahead at upcoming Saturns and a look back at the classic Chevys of the 1950s gives an idea of the sort of thing Wilkinson is talking about (“Something that’s well designed doesn’t have to be radically designed”). And, some experts say, it’s just what Chevrolet needs in an era when building better cars just isn’t enough.”

A moment of silence please, as I remember my grandfather’s very flashy 1955 Chevy Bel Air.

When I was still a kid, granddad used to come visit us at our old home and I remember he would always look like he came straight out of a movie each time he stepped out of his blue and white Chevy Bel Air. That car was quite a sight, and so was my granddad. Yes, it would be nice if GM came back to building more exciting cars. We used to have a 1999 Chevrolet Malibu in our driveway and even after my brother tried making it “more exciting” by putting in WingDoors from Auto Parts Corner it still didn’t have that much of the oomph factor. Maybe this new plan of GM’s will make us change our minds about their products.

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