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What’s That Word Again?

As you buy replacement or custom parts, do you care about which of these to buy: OEM, aftermarket, original equipment? Or do you know the difference among these terms in the first place?

Here’s a simple guide for auto users, especially new drivers and teen drivers out there who still know a little about driving and car parts. Defining these terms clearly is important as it would help you purchase the right equipments or parts for your vehicle. Whether it’s a simple car mirror, headlights, spoilers or high performance auto wheels, catalytic converters or radiator, you have to be meticulous about the car parts you are spending your money for.

Aftermarket parts. These are parts and accessories that are used for the repair and maintenance of the vehicle, which means that they are added to the vehicle after it has been bought from the dealer. These are not original equipments but are designed to match the original’s specifications.

OEM parts. “OEM” is an acronym for “original equipment manufactured/ manufacturer.” These parts are manufactured and supplied by the car manufacturer. So if you have a Ford SUV, those Ford parts that originally came with it when you bought it from the dealer are OEM Ford parts.

Original Equipments. Like OEM parts, these auto parts were supplied to the vehicle when it was purchased; however, these may also be used to replace damaged or worn out original parts. Note that these parts may or may not be made by the car manufacturer as some car makers purchase auto parts made by other manufacturer and assemble or install them in their autos.

Now that you are familiar with the terms, it is expected that you’ll make a better decision about which replacement parts you should and should not buy. Aftermarket products are often misjudged as inferior parts, but this is not true to all. In fact some aftermarket parts are designed to last longer and are more stylish than the original. And luckily, they are less expensive than the original equipments.

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